Hey, I'm Pascal.

Here you can find my work on visual design and communication.

YouCan Umwelt-App

Environmental protection on a daily basis.

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    Virtual Reality Menu

    Menu Navigation System for a VR App.

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  • Colour of Sound

    An interactive, visual piano.

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  • Banana Hero

    Infosite for a protest design project.

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  • Aesthetics of Destruction

    Getting to know a materials aesthetic characteristics

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  • Protest Documentation

    A book of protest design.

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  • a shiny glass full of a golden syrup made from cockroaches

    Twisted Fate

    Fake product series of animal products.

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  • a magazine cover laying on a seat

    B2 Cover Design

    A cover for a magazine issue.

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  • a flyer that immitates being a non-vegan food and contains information beyond the surface of the ground

    Pull-Out Flyer

    An illusive flyer prototype.

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  • a bucket of popcorn with a message at the bottom

    Vegan Actually

    A cheeky, persuasive bucket of popcorn.

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  • Pascal Dickhoff 2018

    Portfolio Website from 2018.

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  • Dots & Lines

    Exploration of aesthetics

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  • image of the cover of a documentation booklet saying 'logfile: typography'

    Logfile: Typography

    Documentation of typographic adventures

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  • origami posters with chickens in bad situations

    Chicken Origami

    Poster series on animal abuse.

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  • hot-air balloons in vegetables shapes with statements agains animal abuse

    Hot-Veg Balloon Concept

    Veggie-shaped hot-air balloons with statements.

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  • font made from newspaper writing BREAKING SANS on a duotone background

    Breaking Sans

    Typeface created with only one page of newspaper.

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