Bananenheld (Banana Hero) Infosite

July 2018
Münster School of Design + Pascal Dickhoff


A project of one semester was to design protest. This website is the backbone of my work on this project.


My protest was towards the consumption of animal products of any kind. The main goal was a so called blind interview in which the protesters wore blindfolds and discussed and shared thoughts on the use of animals for human consumption with volunteer interviewees. The participants then received a card with some information and an additional link to this website where I presented a guide to become a vegan for interested people.

The page, as the whole campaign did, uses common stereotypes and deconstructs them. The self-crossing headline reflects this. The button which reveals the content should engage the user to see how simple a change can be.

The structure is based on three parts which are 1. Accept the truth, 2. Reconsider your actions, and 3. Make the right decisions. This whole concept was backed with several link lists for the interested users to reference what I said and also further information on specific topics of each section. The tone of all the writing is relaxed and addresses the reader directly (“you“).

A live version of this website once called Bananenheld (banana hero) can be seen here.

There are several other works which show what I did in this semester, including: protest documentation.


Web Design, Web Development, Content Strategy, Editorial