Colour of Sound

November 2018
Münster School of Design


A postcard version of a well-known work of art was to be visualized in the form of a stripe image and then prepared in a "tangible" way.


The realization was done as an interactive, digital piano using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, hosted at Codepen, so that people could access from laptops and smartphones. A click or tap on the stripes plays a sound. It is also possible to overlay sounds (by simultaneously triggering them).

Each color corresponds to a noise or sound. The sounds refer to the original artwork (wind in the upper part, then rocks, spray and finally waves and underwater sounds) and can be played in order - from left to right - to acoustically experience the artwork. Alternatively, one can create own sound compositions to experience the artwork in a completely new way. An interactive discovery and modification of the original work "Naruto Whirlpools“ by Hiroshige.


Interaction Design, Web Design

Try it below or live on codepen