Vegan Actually

July 2018
Münster School of Design


The main goal was to combine classical advertising with environmental activism to find new approaches. A vast amount of possible scenarios came to my head and some of them were actually prototyped, used and tested. The focus was on unconventionally and unintentionally initiating a thought process.


Probably everybody likes popcorn in the movies. The cinema in my home town use to serve (only) a vegan variety. This made me think that people who do not currently live the vegan lifestyle may not even know which vegan foods they consume and how delicious they are. People seem to see veganism as giving something up instead of encountering a vast variety of foods they already love or which they never even tried but could love.


Advertising, Information Design, Designing for Emotion, Environmental Protection

  • My first approach to this particular mindset was to give people the hint that what they are consuming right now is already vegan and at the same time something they love and would not need to „give up“ at all. The popcorn bucket reveals a cheeky message after eating some popcorn. This might not be the best placement as the theatre tends to darken quite significantly by the time the popcorn consumers might encounter the message. Yet some people definitely would see the message.

  • The text is as follows:
    Hey you!
    Yeah you - you can't keep your hands off me, can you?
    Grabbing me all the time. Well, I am actually very cute!
    And I am vegan. But does that make me taste less good? Of course not!

  • The other approach focussed on newer technology and would use a RFID tag (or QR-/Shazam-Code) to communicate the surprising message to the finder. (you are eating and even liking vegan popcorn – veganism is not that hard …). This second concept utilize the movie trailer method of not spoiling the main information before actually getting there. This would assume people are at least a bit curious and willing to explore.