Pull-Out Flyer

August 2018, Münster School of Design


The main goal was to combine classical advertising with environmental activism to find new approaches. A vast amount of possible scenarios came to my head and some of them were actually prototyped, used and tested.


One idea was to reach people with a message where they cannot easily avoid being confronted with a message e.g. while barbecuing or just hanging out in the park.

This prototype is called the pull-out flyer. This tricky little gadget is a two-sided piece of vegan information and hides its persuasive message underneath the earth. The flyer is sticked into the ground and everything thats left above the ground is a non-vegan food – to attract attention (or its prey if you want). Curious people or children are going to inspect it, pull it out and receive a special message.

This approach bets on the curiosity of the finder and hopes to be so unique, it won’t be discarded immediately. Now the interested mind of the finder may be infused with environmental thoughtfulness.


Advertising, Information Design, Designing for Emotion, Environmental Protection