Hot-Veg Balloon Concept

July 2017, Münster School of Design


This work is one part of my vegan awareness campaign, which has the goal to find different triggers which may irritate or shock non-vegans.


In this particular work I focussed on the ability of animals to feel pain. To illustrate the fact that they feel pain, fear and in general don’t want to die, I decided to use vegetable-shaped hot-air balloons. Different vegetables with a corresponding statement on them would spread the message. Hot-air balloons always attract a lot of views, are clearly visible and are often used as flying adverts – all aspects which went well with my campaign goals.

All statements follow this pattern: I don’t X! – Animals certainly do so! (

The specific balloons state the following messages:
Avocado: I don’t think!
Pineapple: I don’t scream!
Broccoli: I don’t bleed!
Raspberry: I don’t love!
Pumpkin: I don’t suffer!
Pepper: I don’t feel!


Designing for Emotion, Advertising, Environmental Protection