Chicken Origami

December 2016, Münster School of Design


At the end of the semester, a specialisation task had to be chosen. In my case I dealt with the topic "poster design" - against the background of egg production. In addition, there should be a reference to topics of the semester.


The design of this poster refers to the basics and original requirements of the medium poster. The simplicity of the design and the clear typography ensure good comprehensibility so that the message can be understood quickly and precisely. For further information, you can consult the explanatory text section.

The motifs were manually made and painted. In this way, a reference was made to the semester - in which the raw material paper, as well as various folding techniques, were used relatively frequently. This way, it was also possible to prepare the principally cruel representations without causing irritation or discomfort by displaying the shocking and disgusting reality - even though the cruelty of the scenes is still clearly visible.


Poster, Layout, Environmental Protection