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Hi, I am Pascal Dickhoff and I design stuff you need.

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Technologies and Know-How combined to take your business communication to the next level.

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Pascal Dickhoff is a creative mind — with an eye on the invisible, yet essential fundamentals of visual communication.

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Recent Work

a square image showing polygonal forms

Dot Images: Gestalt Theory

This is a series of dot images which were made in a seminar at MSD. The main focus was on Gestalt Theory.

layout. fundamentals. gestalt.

cover of the documentation of the second semester

Second Semester Documentation

The second semester was closed with a complete documentation of all the work I did. This book sums up 40 projects.

layout. book. documentation.

a zaha hadid poster series teaser

Zaha Hadid Poster Series

To get to know with the medium poster, we designed a poster series which was a tribute to a well-known designer and architect.

layout. poster. architecture.

image of a laptop showing the klangfarben keyboard onscreen

'Klangfarben' an interactive web piano

To illlustrate the feelings and emotions of a postcard of the naruto whirls I created an interactive web piano.

interactive. web app. music.

the words 'Newspaper Type' layed out in rolled newspaper

Newspapertype made of newspaper

This typeface was entirely made of old newspapers which were rolled and formed to form the alphabet.

print. design. layout.

typographic illustration of marty mcfly

Typographic Illustrations

A series of illustrations I made for the typography course at MSD. The images are made entirely of type.

print. design. layout.

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Latest Thoughts

cute cat called 'Bärchen'

How Cats rule the Internet

It's a fact. Cats rule the net – but how do they do this? The sublte mechanisms behind the cattish world domination uncovered. Read more →

internet. cats.

a block of colored note paper

Paper is an essential tool for designers

It starts all with a stack of paper. Nearly every idea can be sketched with paper on a pen. Read more →

thoughts. workflow.

pink radio in industrial environment

Hipster Styles vs Systematic Design

Loud, screaming layouts and much to see seems to be the standard. But in which way does this help the viewer to receive information? Read more →

critic. hipster.

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